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We Help Businesses Improve
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Hello, we are Tim, Juliet and Nikolina

We will grow your business through:

  • increasing market share nationally and regionally,
  • accessing global markets,
  • capturing online marketspace, and
  • developing online and tech solutions and strategies to support your business growth.

We have more than 20 years of international expertise working with a range of B2B and B2C companies, multinational corporations, UN agencies and parastatal agencies.

How we help grow your business

Grow your business through social media marketing, web design, e-commerce solutions and business development strategies. Unlike standard business consultants, we offer international expertise and cutting-edge strategy, skills and tools that are tried and tested in Africa.

Is your web site really working for you? Does it bring in consistent revenue? Your online presence should add to your bottom line and bring in more leads, conversions and sales. Your site positions you as an industry leader, bringing you more influence, attracting more referrals, and opening the doors to valuable joint ventures.

  • Would you like to get your team trained on digital and social media marketing?
  • Want expert advice and guidance as you roll out your IT systems, web site or social media campaign?
  • Want to establish yourself as the leader in your industry using the fastest path to more income, influence and impact?
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Our leadership team brings you international expertise combined with significant experience in Africa


is a software and IT system engineer and web developer. With his cutting edge coding skills he is country lead for Google Developer Group GDG Harare. He customises software solutions for the available infrastructure and creates revenue-generating websites. Clients have achieved consistent revenues, developed online markets and used their stronger business intelligence (information and data) systems to identify opportunities for greater profits.


is a business development strategist, and marketing and sales advisor. With her strategic oversight, clients have have diversified their customer base, recovered from cashflow setbacks, and leveraged new business opportunities to achieve a seven figure revenue. She was invited to speak on women in business at TEDxHarare.

Nikolina Kobali


is a provider of innovative, world-class digital marketing training and mentoring. She leads business management, marketing and sales teams and in developing high impact social media marketing strategies. Clients report increased sales leads, bigger profits and more effective sales through social networks. She provides mentoring to leading Zimbabwean companies and parastatals.

What our clients say

"Tim provided extensive one-to-one mentoring and training to our professional staff that have helped us develop relationships with rural producers and find markets and investors for indigenous products.
Tim has exceptional skills that have helped enhance our organizational capacity, image and profile. This, in turn, helps us attract potential donors and private companies interested in our work, providing us really crucial partnership opportunities."
Alessandra Broli, Bio-Innovation Zimbabwe